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menus & ordering

Expertly crafted, prix-fixe meals delivered twice weekly.


 We curate a new menu every week,

each highlighting a different region or cuisine.


Dinners are limited to a pre-set number of tickets.


This ensures we deliver the highest quality food and allows us to keep food waste to an absolute minimum.

Spring Onion

delivery schedule

We currently offer two dinner services:


Order by Saturday at noon

Delivery Sunday 4-6pm


Order by Monday at noon

Delivery Tuesday 4-6pm

What's included, delivery food packaging, the white pine ktichen

what's included

We believe that in order to truly appreciate food, it's necessary to understand the history behind it. That's why with every delivery we include:

  1. A detailed menu with historical context about your food

  2. A multi-course meal for two or more

  3. Easy to follow step-by-step finishing instructions

  4. Featured recipes

  5. Tailored drink recommendations

  6. An accompanying Spotify playlist to set the mood

the finishing touch

Once you receive your dinner, plug in your playlist and let the fun begin! Whether it’s a dinner with family and friends or a solo celebration, each dinner will arrive at your doorstep just a few touches from being finished.

If you’re saving this for a special occasion, that works too! Our meals are designed to keep in the fridge and be prepared up to 3 days after delivery. 

Whether it's boiling water for homemade tagliatelle or rolling out dough for fresh roti, it's the difference between cold takeout and a restaurant quality meal. 

Bon Appetit! 

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