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Dinner in the Upper Peninsula

Serves two




Beef & Lamb Pasties with Ale Onion Gravy

The most well known and ubiquitous UP treat, these miner’s meat pies are as delicious as they are controversial. This version has herbed beef and lamb, potatoes, rutabagas, carrots and peas all wrapped in a warm, flaky shortcrust. We like ours with Bell’s Amber Ale and onion gravy, but feel free to omit the gravy and grab some ketchup if you must! 

Contains: Eggs, Gluten, Dairy



Mushroom Barley Soup

The perfect bowl of warmth for when you’re at deer camp. A rich, yet delicate, duck stock flavored with fennel, rosemary, thyme and juniper berries is combined with sliced mushrooms, carrots, celery root, and pearled barley. All topped off with a generous dollop of dill sour cream. 

Contains: Dairy (garnish only), Gluten


Wild Game Chili

White-tailed deer hunting season is upon us which means we can finally cook with game! (we love Country Smoke House in Almont, Michigan for meat processing). We use Michigan farmed venison, elk and beef, along with a variety of chilies, black coffee, molasses, and black beans to create an incredible bowl of chili. 

Contains: Dairy (garnish only); NG


Celeriac Slaw with Tarragon Dijon Remoulade

A nod to some of the French influences in the region, celery root and carrots are mixed with celery hearts, scallions and tarragon then tossed in a crème fraîche and dijon mustard remoulade.

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Soy; V, NG


Cheddar Beer Bread

With double the amount of breweries per capita relative to us here in The Mitten, Yoopers sure do love beer. This beer bread is made with sharp cheddar cheese, honey, and Bell’s Amber Ale and is the perfect accompaniment to the chili and slaw. 

Contains: Dairy, Gluten; V



Cherry and Riesling Poached Pears with Mascarpone Cream 

Simple, yet luxurious. Pears are poached in homemade dark sweet cherry juice, sweet riesling from Chateau Grand Traverse winery on Old Mission Peninsula, and cinnamon before being topped with a dash of freshly grated nutmeg and a scoop of mascarpone whipped cream.

Contains: Dairy; V, NG


V = Vegetarian, VG = Vegan, NG = No Gluten Containing Ingredients

Drink Recommendation

Michigan Beer

Arbor Farms has a great selection of Michigan beers!

Bel Lago Red

Available at Arbor Farms

What you'll need:

An oven safe baking sheet
A few pots and pans or a microwave oven
25 minutes to prepare

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