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our vision

At The White Pine Kitchen, we are guided by three principles -







 dining as an experience

a curiosity for the global

a commitment to the local

Above all, we’re serving delicious food we’re excited about. Let us transport you to a different table every week.

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our values

A meal is more than just the food on your plate - it’s about the experience of coming together and learning from each other. In a world increasingly divided, we could all use some delicious proof of our interconnectedness.


We strongly believe that restaurants and hospitality industries are the cornerstone of communities, and we at the White Pine Kitchen are committed to our Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti neighbors. We will be partnering with local organizations to support issues that are important for a thriving community, including local sourcing, food security, and diversity & inclusion.


We also recognize the prevalence of appropriation in the food world. It’s important to us that the food we cook benefits, and is properly attributed to, those who created it.We'd encourage you to check out some of the organizations we've supported in the past, and donate if you're feeling inspired!

contributions from past menus

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menu development

We develop our recipes using thorough research and personal experience. Our meals are interpretations of a particular cuisine and we are by no means experts on the food of any particular region. We will be intentional in acknowledging our sources and it is our hope that our customers will be inspired to keep learning with us.


how it all began

Co-founders Bryan and Forrest met during a college trip to Iceland, the start of a friendship that only grew after they moved to New York. Over many late nights and countless empty bottles, they developed a shared passion for cooking and learning about new cuisines. They spent weekends hosting dinner parties, bringing together friends old and new.

Now, they have decided to leave their corporate careers, New York, and California behind and start their first venture together. By partnering with Rosie's Community Kitchen, they hope to share their enthusiasm and culinary curiosity with the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti communities.

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bryan santos

Bryan is the son of Portuguese immigrants settled in New Jersey. Raised on his grandmother’s rustic stews and salted cod, he learned early on how intrinsic food is to identity. He graduated from Yale University in 2015 and worked as an investment banker for three years, after which he and his wife spent a year backpacking in Africa and Asia as well as volunteering in Pakistan. He moved to Ann Arbor in 2019 and began his restaurant career as a manager at Aventura. He recently got his sommelier certification and loves cooking at home for his wife and son.


forrest maddox

Forrest was born in the Netherlands to U.S. Air Force parents. He spent his childhood moving all around the world, where he developed his love of both food and travel. He worked in restaurants and bars throughout high school and college, graduating from Yale University in 2015. He represented the United States at Expo Milano, focusing on food systems and food security. From there he joined a tech startup, but was always drawn to cooking as a way to decompress. He left his job in 2020 and moved from Oakland to Ann Arbor to co-found The White Pine Kitchen. 

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