How it Works

Is this a subscription-based service?

No, there is no commitment and we’ll deliver one meal at a time so you can order what you want, when you want it. There are no subscription fees or recurring orders.

Do I need to create an account to order online?

No, ordering is as easy as entering your payment info and clicking “Order Now”.

How are your services different from other meal prep deliveries or takeout?

At The White Pine Kitchen we’re bridging the difference between meal prep kits and traditional delivery so you can get the best of both worlds. Unlike meal prep kits that deliver raw ingredients that you have to then prepare and cook, or traditional takeout that can come cold or soggy, we’ll deliver everything almost ready to go. This allows you to spend more time listening to music, learning about the history of what you’re eating or catching up with family and friends. With our quick and easy instructions you can finish the meal at your own pace and enjoy hot, delicious food every time.

How can I keep up to date on The White Pine Kitchen’s newest menus?

The easiest way to stay up to date on new menus is to subscribe via email. You’ll get a notification each time we post a new menu and can unsubscribe at anytime. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify to stay up to date on menus, partnerships, and community engagement.

How do I leave feedback?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if there are ever any issues with your order, we'd love the opportunity to make it right. Even if there are no issues, we'd love to know your dinner was - your feedback is how we keep improving!

The Food

How many courses are included and how large are the portions?

Each meal will typically include 3-4 courses that are designed to reflect the dining culture of our featured city. Each order is specifically designed to feed 2 people comfortably, each additional order increases the portions in increments of two.

Do you make substitutions or accommodate dietary restrictions?

Given the pre-fixe nature of our meals, we unfortunately cannot make any substitutions or accommodate dietary restrictions. All of our menus will clearly list ingredients used. Given that our menu rotates each service, we hope to be able accommodate all diets and dietary restrictions across the weeks.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source all of our ingredients locally from farmers and merchants in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area.


I see that these are pre-ticketed events, how do I know if there are any meals left?

Given our limited scale we will restrict the number of tickets available per meal to ensure that we are always delivering the highest-quality experience for our customers and reducing food waste. The best way to guarantee your meal is to order soon after we post our new menus.

What if I miss the ordering deadline?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any orders after the deadline.

Do you only accept credit cards or can I pay in cash?

We accept credit and debit cards via our secure payment processing system. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments.

Are there any other fees?

Nope! The cost per meal includes everything on the menu, Spotify playlist, re-heating instructions, recipes, a background on the meal and free delivery!

I'm trying to place my order but it says it will be delivered within six days? Now I'm confused, when is my food being delivered?

Sorry, we know it's confusing! We're working with our web provider to change this but right now we have to set a maximun delivery time which we are unable to adjust. Don't worry, you're food will always be delivered on either Sunday or Tuesday between 4-6pm.

Can I order dinner as a gift for a friend?

Definitely! Just be sure to use your recipient's address when placing the order and let them know to expect perishables the day of delivery. We'll also need their phone number in order to contact them, so please leave a comment during check out with their contact information and let us know this order is a gift, along with any other information we may need.

I ordered and then realized I have other dinner plans, can I cancel my order?

We know life happens, if you need to cancel let us know via the contact us form on our site. We can accomodate cancellations until noon the day before delivery, when ordering closes for the menu. Unfortunately, after that we are unable to issue a full refund.


What if I’m not home to accept the delivery?

All of our deliveries are contactless, but if theres a chance you won't be home just let us know in the order comments where you'd like us to leave the bag. If we can't get a hold of you the day of delivery, we will leave the package near your front door and do our best to ensure it's sheltered from the elements. We will send a text message confirming when delivery is complete with a picture of where we left the bag.

What do your deliveries look like?

All products from The White Pine Kitchen will be delivered in an insulated green tote bag with our logo. Food will be packaged in accordance with the Washtenaw County Health Department regulations.

How long do we have to refrigerate our meals after delivery?

All of our products should be refrigerated within 2 hours of delivery for optimal freshness.

Where do you deliver?

At this time, we only deliver to Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. We look forward to expanding our service area in the future!

Do you deliver the wines you suggest?

Unfortunately due to licensing requirements we cannot deliver any of the alcoholic drinks we suggest. Suggestions are meant to further enhance your dining experience. However, all of our recommendations are sourced from local wine merchants and we encourage you to swing by and pick up a bottle! Many of our suggested retailers now offer delivery as well.

I've ordered from you before and don't need another bag, can I return my old one?

If you have unwanted insulated bags from past deliveries, we're happy to collect them next time we deliver to your address. When you order, leave a note in the comments letting us know you have extra bags as well as where you'll be leaving them. When we come to deliver, we'll collect your old bags and leave the new one with fresh food in their place.

I love your food but the deliveries have a lot of plastic containers, is this sustainable?

All of our deliveries are packaged with the goal of maintaining the freshness of your food. That said, sustainability is important to us. With the exception of small souffle cups, all of our containers are dishwasher, microwave & freezer safe and make excellent tupperware (they're actually what we use at home for food storage)! If you don't need any more tupperware please make sure to recycle the containers after your meal. All of our containers are 100% recyclable in both Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti.

I love the bag! Do I get to keep it?

Yes! The main goal of the insulated bag is to make sure your food stays fresh during delivery, after which the bag is yours to keep! We encourage you to reuse it as it's great for grocery shopping, picnics, etc.

What precautions are you taking to limit the risk of COVID-19 during delivery?

All of our deliveries are 100% contactless. Outside of that, your food is prepared, stored & transported in accordance with CDC & Washtenaw County health guidelines.

Finishing Instructions

What do I need at home to finish preparing my meal?

Preparing your meal is easy! Our goal is to provide you with everything you will need out of the bag, except for cooking equipment and a source of heat. We’ll let you know exactly what pots or pans you’ll need, if any, before you order. Our easy step-by-step instructions will help you finish the cooking process and enjoy a delicious dinner.

So you deliver only on Sundays and Tuesdays, what if I want to save the meal for a Friday date night?

If you can't make dinner the night of, no worries! All of our meals are designed to make dinner convenient for you. They can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days after delivery. Certain items may need to be frozen to preserve optimal taste, but we’ll let you know on the instructions.